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Missy's Story and hopefully her Excellent Adventures  

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Missy arrived at American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa in 2002   This is truly a sad story ( but we hope to make up for lost time). From the time she was a puppy she was kept in a garage and on a short lead outside for 14 years and only fed stale bread and very  little water. The story below is from Ms. Sandy Christians, one of the co-founders of Pet Pals for Life. Sandy was the person that discovered this sweet gentle soul, Missy. We will learn a bit more about what her "Excellent Adventures" means after her story,


My name is Sandy Christians and I am the proud mother of a 1 year old Eskie,
Ivory.  I am also co-founder of a group called Pets Pals For Life.  We try Missy car ride.jpg (25890 bytes)
to rescue dogs from death and find them homes.  We recently saved Missy from 
death.  Her owners were moving to Florida and did not want to take her so
they were just going to kill her but then decided to leave her abandoned in the garage were she lived most of her life

We currently have our hands full with dogs right now, so I contacted Perry, the director of  American Eskimo Rescue of Iowa, to see if he would take her. (This is
where we adopted Ivory)  Of course he said "yes" no questions asked.

We knew she was a wonderful dog, a little
hard of hearing but just perfect otherwise - except she has never lived
inside with people.  She has always been in the yard or garage. (Can you
believe this)

When she was dropped off we found her full of ticks and VERY skinny so went
directly to the vet.  One of our members fostered her for a couple of days,
 we got her cleaned up and on a good diet.  We were informed the all she was fed was "bread & water" ( one of the causes of her ill health) she was transported to American Eskimo Rescue of Iowa....So on Monday, Perry  took Missy to the Vet.  She was completely deaf, almost blind, dangerously underweight, and has early stages of Renal failure (Kidney failure).  Perry has her on a special diet and some good things to make her tummy feel better so she can eat.  She will not be adopted out because of her condition. The only financial support they get is from generous dog lovers.  They currently have around 15 dogs plus Missy, and several are un-adoptable. 

All of us at Pet Pals For Life thank each of you for listening, hug your Eskie and say a prayer for Missy!

Thank You,

Sandy Christians
Sharon Fresvik
Susan Antonitis
Pet Pals For Life




Hopefully Missy's Excellent Adventures

We will not be putting Missy up for adoption. I believe she will be more comfortable for her last short while, (maybe 6 mos.) with us, I cant believe someone would discard such a sweet girl after all those years, I just don't understand how. What Missy needs is this, I appreciate the financial support which is very necessary, But I would like to see this girl spoiled rotten in her last 6 months or so. She was ripped off of her happiness. I would like to offer an invitation for all the folks in the Iowa and surrounding area or anyone else to stop in and take her places like the park and maybe have her out for a picnic or a ride, kind of like a "big human program". I just love the look she has on her face when we do the things we take for granted with the other Eskies. She acts like a child opening up a birthday present. I know she doesn't have much time left and would like to try to make up for everything that she missed out on and the biggest being love and companionship. She gives the best hugs when she wraps both of her legs around your leg and nuzzles her cheek up to you. She can not hear so she responds very well to a loving touch. I wish I could give her all this attention but as most of you know this is a busy port as far as Eskies are concerned. Our goal is to have her meet a bunch of nice folks, their Eskies and also to be treated like a queen.



Below we have a bunch of blank cells, no writing, no pictures. Blank, just like the way Missy's life has been for 14 years. What we need to do is to fill those blank spaces with colorful pictures and happy stories of the adventure you had with Missy. She will be waiting for you. missy2 web.jpg (30201 bytes)

Until then your friend,
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 If you wish to have an excellent adventure with Missy, please e-mail us  or call 641-764-2925. If you do not have time to have an excellent adventure with Missy you can also sponsor her in the way of a contribution in Missy's name to:

American Eskimo Rescue of Iowa
 2567 Kennedy St.
 St. Charles Iowa 50240

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Missy's Excellent Adventures

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"Experiencing peace is like looking at our hands. Usually, we see only the fingers—not the spaces in between. In a similar manner, when we look at the mind, we are aware of the active states, such as our thoughts but we tend to overlook the intervals of peace between them."  

Missy's Memorial Page

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American Eskimo Rescue and Sanctuary of Iowa is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization

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Introduction: American Eskimo Dog .

 American Eskimo Dog, breed of domestic dog introduced to the United States from Germany in either the late 19th century or the early 20th century. Despite The American Eskimo Dogs resemblance to Inuit sled dogs, the American Eskimo dog, nicknamed the Eskie, is a type of spitz dog, Modern families of American Eskimo Dog s can be traced to the American Eskimo Dog of the late Stone Age (about 6000 years ago). American Eskimo dogs are intelligent, energetic dogs that typically have bright white coats.

The standard American Eskimo dog weighs 18 to 35 lb and has a shoulder height of 15 to 19 inch. American Eskimo Dogs belonging to a miniature variety of this breed weigh 10 to 20 lb and are 11 to 14 inch tall. American Eskimo Dogs of the toy-dog variety, which is even smaller than the miniature variety, has been developed, but the Toy American Eskimo Dog is not recognized as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club.

American Eskimo dog s have wedge-shaped skulls with wide muzzles; oval, dark brown eyes; and triangular, erect ears that are rounded at the top. The American Eskimo dog has a thick double coats that are either pure white or cream colored. The American Eskimo dog s coats are thickest around the neck, where they form a mane like ruff, which is especially obvious on American Eskimo males. the tail is curved and is covered with long hair.

American Eskimo dog s have a good-natured temperament that makes them suitable for many living situations. Because of their high energy, however, American Eskimo Dogs become noisy or destructive if they are forced to be inactive. The American Eskimo Dog is a great companion dog because of their intelligence and eagerness to please. The American Eskimo Dog is rarely used to perform work.












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