Karma the Mini American Eskimo Dog

This morning I set out to finish out the books for the year and get them balanced for the coming year. 
Instead we got a call about an abandon dog, probably an Eskie, that had just given birth outside in a cage in back of a Trailer Park, which turned out to not be quite what happened. But I dropped what I was doing and rushed out to get them.  It was about a 4 hour drive to get there. When the Mom and her puppies were safe. I told the people that originally called that their would be an animal cruelty investigation and I need to question them and fill out a report. That is when the people admitted that the Eskie was theirs.
The first picture is of the Mother and the pups being loaded in the van. 
She and the puppies have a bad flea infestation. We used Frontline spray along with manual removal of the fleas.
It is important not to get any kind of flea and tick treatment around the teats. or on the puppies.

 Karma the Eskie mother has an infection and a fever,  the vet estimated she was locked in the kennel for over 2 days. 
There were 7 puppies, but one was dead at the time we picked her up and the other 6 (all females) might be ok, we are not sure as of yet. 1 Looks like it was born later that the rest. If it is a runt we will make a formula and feed her by hand. Here is a formula recipe for hand feeding a puppy. Provided by Kindness pet Clinic Indianola, Iowa. 
Puppy Formula Recipe

We will be updating as to there progress when we know more. 

We will be holding a fundraiser for their care and 7 spayed as soon as we get them all out of the woods and they are healthy.

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Sangha investigates as Karma and her pups are loaded into the Eskie Express van
Karma protects the litter like a momma Bear
Dr Jane Tabor and the 6 pups. Karma watches closely
Karma gets some work done.
What a severe flea infestation may look like on an American Eskimo Dog. This is were they chewed the skin right off of her ears.
Karma cleaned up and relaxing at the Iowa Eskie Spa and Resort.
Karma sticking her head out of the top of her new luxury kennel
The pups 01/11/06 eyes not open yet
Feeding Time
Puppies starting to look around
Checking things out
We will be patient just for this picture
Let us down so we can play
Maybe we could pool our resources and take Sangha down.
The end of a ruff day

Puppies first shots 02/13/06

 Its kind of cramped in here
Dr. Jane must think I am an Eskie IPod
When Perry said we are going for some shots,
 I thought he was taking us to a party.

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