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This is the story of how Tenderheart, the Great Pyrenees came to the American Eskimo Dog Rescue & Sanctuary of Iowa.


I was driving home on Sunday, after a long but fun filled day at Petco.  I was trying to get my new XM radio to work and after calling the “800 number” I was told I had to leave it on for the next twenty minutes for it to work.  Well, I was almost home, so instead of turning off the highway toward home, I went the other direction.  I thought I would drive for 10 minutes then turn around and go home and it would be all set.


Here I was driving along when I saw a large white dog running along the highway in the ditch.  The dog would look at each car as it passed.  I thought the dog seemed to know where it was going so I went on down the road.  After a few minutes I turned around to head home.  As I passed the dog again, it was up on the gravel shoulder of the road, this time really looking at every car as it passed.  I also noticed this time that she was severely underweight and looked like she had just finished weaning a litter of pups.  She was really looking hard at each driver that drove by.  It is obvious she had been used to breed and then dumped in the country and was looking for her owner to come back.


I turned the car back around to see if she had a collar and tags, just in case.  I pulled up behind her and she stopped to look at me.  When I got out of the car, she turned around and ran down the road.  Another car that saw what I was doing pulled over in front of her and tried to stop her.  She ran across the highway at this point right in front of another car.  She made it across the road and I pulled across, driving the wrong way on the shoulder.  I pulled up beside her and rolled down the window to talk to her.  She looked at me and sat down.


I got out of the car talking to her the whole time.  I slowly walked toward her and she hung her head looking scared.  I got down on my knees and crawled the rest of the way to her holding out my hand.  She sniffed my hand and licked my finders.  As I got closer she scooted up to me and laid her head on my chest and looked into my eyes.  She just took one big sigh and reached up and licked me on the nose. 


Well…what else could I do?  She had no collar and was filthy and starving.  I went back to the car to grab a leash, all the while talking to her.  I hooked the clip part through the handle and slipped it over her head.  She was fine with that till I started walking her to the car.  She started to fight with me then, just terrified.  I got her calmed down and tried to coax her to the car.  She just sat there shaking.  Finally I picked her up and put her in the back seat.  I called Perry and told him I was bringing home a stray. 


When I got home, Perry was waiting for me.  We got her out of the car and first thing sprayed her down with Frontline.  Perry took these pictures of her.  On Tuesday Perry took her to the vet.  Turns out that Tenderheart is definitely a Great Pyrenees.  She only weighs 50 lbs.  According to the AKC a Great Pyrenees should weigh about 85 to 100 lbs.  The vet thinks she is less than 2 years old and has had at least two litters of puppies already.


 We have already covered her initial vet expenses, but we will need to raise funds for her recovery and to have her spayed.
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Perry is feeding her 5 times a day with some very good food. we hope to have her gain at least 20 pounds. It has to be done in a way that wont cause her system to go into shock and shut down. 

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She has had no socialization so Perry is training her to walk on a leash and helping her get to trust people.

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The new "Eyes of the Soul" T-Shirts are here Click here to find out more!


Final update!

Tenderheart has gone through a lot  in her short life. This is one of those happy endings we wish for all beings. 

Tenderheart has been completely rehabilitated and is now adopted to a wonderful couple and her new best friend Tegan, the Bernese Mountain dog\Great Pyrenees mix seen in the picture. She is very happy and we couldn't ask for a better home for her. Thank you to everyone that helped along the way as we cant facilitate these kind of success stories with out all of your help. Click on the picture or the link to see Tenderhearts triumph video.

Tenderheart's triumph video

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