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abby_out_front.jpg (34192 bytes)

cod jaz mir sml.jpg (22132 bytes)
Mirage, Jazmyn, Codie

CODIPIC.jpg (3833 bytes)

jazntuck.jpg (17806 bytes)
Tucker and Jazmyn

mirage outside.jpg (16066 bytes)

codmirtvsmall.jpg (22628 bytes)
Raji Reindeer and Codie Claws

perry bart.JPG (60163 bytes)
Smilin' Bart

saph_and_ruby.jpg (17181 bytes)
Sapphire and Ruby

tucker shoe.jpg (20634 bytes)

codie chair.jpg (24276 bytes)

holly.jpg (22720 bytes)

tucker glam shot.jpg (14977 bytes)

jazmyn vine web.jpg (36738 bytes)
(thinks she is an Eskie)

perry.jpg (35684 bytes)
Codie and Perry 1990 Chicago Blues Fest

abby rhoads web.jpg (23358 bytes)
Abby Rhoads

George_and_Perry.jpg (17833 bytes)

jack_5.jpg (25057 bytes)
Happy Jack

mselly2.jpg (9001 bytes)
Miss Ellie

betsy6_web.jpg (42379 bytes)

Alex  & Chloe.jpg (58074 bytes)
Alex Chloe

abby3.jpg (23435 bytes)
Abby and Codie

George.jpg (7357 bytes)

ruffiansjpg.jpg (51518 bytes)
Jazmyn Brittany Abby and Bart

Titus&JezzaBelle web.jpg (13159 bytes)

Bumble2.jpg (61068 bytes)

thor_smile_web.jpg (35092 bytes)

Duke and Jahmbi.jpg (46801 bytes)
Duke & Jahmbi

mirage_and_socrates.jpg (19194 bytes)
Socrates (Bird) and Mirage

caseydia2.jpg (16455 bytes)
Casey Dia

titus3 web.jpg (6839 bytes)
Sugar Bear kissing Titus

Bailey (Animated)

jack 1.jpg (37429 bytes)
Happy Jack

tucker1web.jpg (23790 bytes)

Murphy4.JPG (23022 bytes)

petexpomirage.jpg (22377 bytes)
Mirage at Pet Expo

Dewey Playing_0001.jpg (39793 bytes)
Screwy Dewy

cmjjpg.jpg (26664 bytes)
Codie, Mirage and Joey

thor4.jpg (19625 bytes)
Princess and Thor

windowbliz web.jpg (23881 bytes)
Karen's Blizzy Milligan

mr muggles web.jpg (26125 bytes)
Mr. Muggles

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Introduction: American Eskimo Dog s.

 American Eskimo Dog, breed of domestic dog introduced to the United States from Germany in either the late 19th century or the early 20th century. Despite The American Eskimo Dogs resemblance to Inuit sled dogs, the American Eskimo dog, nicknamed the Eskie, is a type of spitz dog, Modern families of American Eskimo Dog s can be traced to the American Eskimo Dog of the late Stone Age (about 6000 years ago). American Eskimo dogs are intelligent, energetic dogs that typically have bright white coats.

The standard American Eskimo dog weighs 18 to 35 lb and has a shoulder height of 15 to 19 inch. American Eskimo Dogs belonging to a miniature variety of this breed weigh 10 to 20 lb and are 11 to 14 inch tall. American Eskimo Dogs of the toy-dog variety, which is even smaller than the miniature variety, has been developed, but the Toy American Eskimo Dog is not recognized as a distinct breed by the American Kennel Club.

American Eskimo dog s have wedge-shaped skulls with wide muzzles; oval, dark brown eyes; and triangular, erect ears that are rounded at the top. The American Eskimo dog has a thick double coats that are either pure white or cream colored. The American Eskimo dog s coats are thickest around the neck, where they form a mane like ruff, which is especially obvious on American Eskimo males. the tail is curved and is covered with long hair.

American Eskimo dog s have a good-natured temperament that makes them suitable for many living situations. Because of their high energy, however, American Eskimo Dogs become noisy or destructive if they are forced to be inactive. The American Eskimo Dog is a great companion dog because of their intelligence and eagerness to please. The American Eskimo Dog is rarely used to perform work.

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